News: LIVE Beyond Feng Shui Consultation w Aur See You

LIVE Beyond Feng Shui Consultation w Aur See You

Live Beyond Feng Shui consultation by Master Aur with guest Janine from Brisbane Australia. In this call Aur shows how that just by seeing a floor plan we are able to know many intimate details about a persons life.

Aur goes into details regarding guest Janine personality, relationship, work life and money and then shares her unique knowledge of how to use simple beyong Feng Shui colors to increase her money AND improve her love life.

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Why call it "Beyond" Feng Shui? Because Aur is using a natural science with roots beyond tradional Feng Shui dating back to the Sumerian and Mesopotamian eras. So by simply calling it "Feng Shui" does not do what she teaches justice. You will find many similarities between her teachings and traditional Feng shui but there are many areas which she covers that Feng Shui doesn't.

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