How To: Interpret what the short life line means when giving a palm reading

Interpret what the short life line means when giving a palm reading

A short life line on someone's palm doesn't necessarily mean your subject is going to have a short life. Palmistry guru Peter John explains the relationship between a short life line and the mount of Venus when giving a palm reading.

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Thank You! That was a valuable piece of information that cleared our misconception!

Could you please interpret the life and nature of the following hand. This being a simian lined hand, could you please tell me what the 4 lines below the fusion of heart and head line mean. And is the rightmost shortest line the life line? Waiting for your reply....Thank You!

Thank you Peter for that informative video about the short life line. . God bless you! I bumped into a palm diagram on Instagram and was intrigued only to discover I have long life line in my left hand but a short one in my right hand! Which rattled me up a bit...I feel a bit better now after watching ur video as my Venus and moon are pretty developed. .. Venus quite a bit more developed.. Thank you so much again for sharing ur deep experience with us! Peace and light to you!

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