How To: Make Your Dreams a Reality… In Your Dreams (By Lucid Dreaming)

Make Your Dreams a Reality… In Your Dreams (By Lucid Dreaming)

Lucid dreaming, in which you're aware that you're dreaming, can be profoundly beneficial to us. It gives us freedom to do things we couldn't possibly do in the real world. It can show us the true potential of our brain power. You can even use lucid dreaming to question the nature of our own reality. For whatever reason, people everywhere are interested in this mysterious phenomenon...especially in achieving it.

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Whether it be visiting another planet or flying around, the possibilities in lucid dream are endless. Before you dive into lucid dreaming, you need to prepare yourself. Relaxed state of mind and practice are the two most important things you can do to prepare yourself for lucid dreaming.

A few steps to help you lucid dream include creating a pair of DIY lucid dreaming glasses that help you differentiate between dream and reality, as well as keeping a dream journal that you write into daily.

Comic book illustrator Yumi Sakugawa has a great guide on inducing lucid dreaming in the Secret Tips from the Yumiverse, but if you prefer video guidance, check out the short video below, which details a few of the steps necessary to achieve a lucid dream state.

Warning: Lucid dreaming is not easy and can also be frighting at times. While preparing for lucid dreaming, your body might fall asleep but your mind stays awake. This is called sleep paralysis and it can be very scary. I've had sleep paralysis a few times before and the worst part is not being able to move while hallucinations of dark and mysterious shapes fly around you. Classic depictions of sleep paralysis in art showed a demon sitting on the chest of the victim, causing the immobility. I would still recommend trying to lucid dream, but be prepared for anything.

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I've been able to control my dreams completely sense I was five years old, it's been very fun and useful.

I am also having lucid dreams. Yea it's really amazing to control your dreams. I am getting used to it. Every night I dream so I wandered sometimes why (maybe stress, lack or too much sleep). I am having 3-5 different stories each night. Sometimes I wake and then I sleep again and dream another. What for me is amazing? Is I can remember every single detail of my dreams. I think it's also a matter of practice.

Well, I just had a lucid dream. When I found out that I was actually controlling the dream I woke up!

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