How To: Read someone's palm

Read someone's palm

Peggy Erbison shares her knowledge of palmistry in this video. The heart line starts under the pinky and moves across and up towards the middle and index finger. The next line she talks about is the head line. This line is the center line that explains how your thinking is. The line that rounds out and wraps around the base of the thumb is the life line. This line connects to the head line at the beginning. These are the 3 main lines on the palm. Contrary to popular belief, the life line does not indicate the length of your life but rather how well you sit in your body. At times, your life line may not show up as well or not as apparent. This could indicate your lack of exercise or you're not taking care of yourself, or getting enough sleep/rest. The head line shows how you solve problems, process information and come tot conclusions about issues or what's going on in your life. The heart line shows what type of personality you have. Once you know what core type your are, you can then use that information and benefit from it. You must take into consideration all the lines in connection with one another to get the full picture.

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