How To: Dream Vividly And Remember Your Dreams

Dream Vividly And Remember Your Dreams

Dreams may be defined as succession of thought, images or feelings experienced during sleep but they also provide avenue to learn about ourselves, psyche, and about the mysteries of life. Many people have been conditioned to believe that dreams are unreal and illusory, but no matter what we believe the dream world is as real as our waking state. 

So, to those who are interested in dream study and how to remember your dreams; one we have to know the purpose why we dream.

Dreams are vital to one's emotional health because during sleep, harmony is restored in the physical body through the process of cleansing, healing and relaxation. And in the dream state one is able to see the future, the past and their connection to our quotidian existence.  To remember our dreams vividly, we need to take the following steps:

Step 1 Keep A Daily Dream Journal.                        

Our attitude is important factor in dream study. So if we place more attention on keeping a daily dream journal, we train our minds to remember most details of the dream experiences. Writing a dream down also allows the conscious mind to reflect on it's meaning for a longer period. Thus a dream journal is an important tool for creating an upward trend or cycle in life.

Step 2 Be More Observant.

By being more observant in our daily activities we are training our mind to take in details when in the dream state. For instance, assuming you are in a room - take time to notice the painting hanging on the wall, the color of the rug or the walls, the shape of the table, etc - all these little details helps us in remembering our dreams as we are training our subconscious as we do this daily exercise.

Step 3 Make A Proposition

Before going to sleep, if we make a verbal or mental proposition in remembering our dreams we actually engage our subconscious to make effort in taking in the details when we wake up.

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