How To: Bend a spoon

Bend a spoon

Now, not everyone can bend the spoon in their first try. Though some people do it in the first time , others take a few trials before they do it. But everybody , surely can bend it. This is how...

* So first thing you need to do is take a spoon. Try to avoid bending a fork because the pointed area might hurt your hand.
* Now for bending you have to focus on the middle part of the spoon i.e. the area just above the bowl part of the spoon.
* It is better of you try it with a thin spoon.
* To make it easy , don't think about bending the spoon when you are actually bending it.
* Now hold the spoon with both your hands , and close your eyes and feel an orange energy coming in through your crown chakra. Feel it go into your head , and into your throat , into your shoulders and arms and allow yourself to relax.
* Let the energy move through your hands to the spoon. You can feel the energy moving through the spoon back and forth. Different people feel this in different ways. You will suddenly know what is the right time to bend.
* Now bend! that's it!

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