How To: Awaken the sixth chakra or your third eye

Awaken the sixth chakra or your third eye

Awakening the sixth chakra – known as the third eye – also awakens your sixth sense, and unlocks psychic potential. In this tutorial, learn how to harness your spirituality and get in touch with your third eye.
You Will Need
• Emotional stability
• Water
• Healthy food
• Yoga or other exercise
• Meditation
• Knowledge of the seven chakras
• A clear quartz crystal
• The third-eye mantra
• Astral projection practice

Step 1: Achieve emotional stability
Achieve emotional stability by releasing any blockages in your psyche. These are usually past traumas, negative events, or fears you're holding on to. Let them go and heal your psyche.

Step 2: Purify
Purify your body by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food, and doing yoga or engaging in exercise. Abstain from recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, and caffeine.

Step 3: Meditate
Sit with your back straight, breathe deeply and slowly, and meditate to relax your mind and tune out distracting thoughts. Clearing the mind allows it to tune in to subtle, psychic energy.

Step 4: Visualize chakras
Visualize the seven energy centers in the body, known as chakras, regularly. See their associated colors as a swirling ball of light and focus on each chakra's primary function.

Step 5: Use quartz
Place a clear quartz crystal on your sixth chakra, located between your eyes. Meditate on the energy of the quartz, which will bring clarity to your mind. Concentrate on any insights that come to you.
Repeat the mantra that is the sound associated with the sixth chakra, "sham."

Step 6: Practice astral projection
Practice astral projection by projecting your consciousness or awareness beyond your body and the physical plane into a dimension of higher vibrational energy where psychic perception resides.
Did you know? The bindi, a decorative dot worn on the forehead by Hindu women, represents the third eye.

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