How To: Make a real Psi/Chi ball through meditation

Make a real Psi/Chi ball through meditation

This video is for the people out there who want to learn how to make a real psi ball.

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People, this isnt fake. If you doubt it, just try doing it. sure, the video was a bit sloppy (no offense) but it is real, if not go to and try the stuff on there and look at the pictures. This isnt a result of a hallucegenic (may be spelled wrong D:) drug, it is real. sorry for the long rant... i just want to tell you all this so you wont give him a bad grade.

can i throw the ball and make it knock over something, or does it dissipate after i release it?

i have made a plastic cup wobble, but it takes a VERY strong one to do much :(

thnx i tried it my self and pushed it into a paper and it moved

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